Happy New Year! I declare 2014 the year of not giving a f***

I don’t give a fuck! Like it? It’s my mantra for 2014.

I no longer care about what people think of me. I’m sick of being a people-pleaser. I’ve spent too much time agonising about whether I’m doing, saying – even wearing – the right thing. Seriously.

Do I look like a mum-come-tryhard in my Motley Crue leggings? I don’t give a fuck. Am I too friendly? Too naive? Too optimistic? I don’t give a fuck. Am I a bad mum? A stupid blond? A crappy blogger? IDGAF.

 Think I’m a slapper with a bad case of filthy pirate mouth? I. DEFINITELY. DO. NOT. GIVE. A. FUCK.

Why? Because I’m sick of pissing away all my energy trying to impress people I don’t even care about. For what? A pat on the back? World peace?

I’ve got plenty of intelligent, interesting, talented and amazing friends, why do I need the approval of – to be Gen-Y about it – a bunch of randoms?

I don’t.

And short of cracking open their skulls and magically prising the thoughts from their brains, I could only ever guess at best how people judge me (assuming they bother to think anything of me at all). So why should it matter?

It doesn’t, but that hasn’t stopped me from worrying myself into a coma in the past, say, wondering what the cool mum from mother’s group thought about me when I ran into her at the supermarket wearing ugg boots and a mop of unwashed hair. Bogan, sloppy mother AND unhygienic!

Or when people are unfriendly to me just because I’m a journalist. I’m a nice person, see! Genuinely nice. Oh God what if I’m being too nice? It’ll come off as sneaky-nice. I’m not sneaky I swear!

It’s draining. And I’m over it.

They’re just people, who cares what they think? If you know who you are and what you’re good at, what difference does it make?

Fuck all.

So think what you like. I don’t give a fuck.

I’ll be too busy channelling all this new-found energy into more important things – like becoming a fitter, happier, healthier more awesome version of myself. And maybe working on my gutter-mouth. Or not.

Bring on 2014!

Share your New Year’s resolutions with us! What’s important to you this year?



  1. A saying I once heard “People don’t think very much and they don’t think it for very long” so there is no point worrying what people think. Just be true to your self.


  2. My resolution has something to do with genuine kindness, which ACTUALLY ties in with not giving a fuck (believe it or not), because if I’m expending all my energy trying to look impressive rather than be good on the inside, then I won’t have anything left to give to others. So right on!


  3. Atreyu Crimmins says:

    HEAR HEAR! Well done you and have a rockin’ 2014 \m/



  1. […] ← Happy New Year! I declare 2014 the year of not giving a f*** […]


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