The Overshare: My vagina is great – thanks for asking!

For something that has lips, vaginas don’t say an awful much. They’re sort of like camels (without the spitting – or the funky stench). Pink camels…who occasionally suffer from alopecia. They don’t have a voice but, you know, they’re kinda important. And they generally matter to us lady-folk, yeah? So why aren’t we talking about […]

So, I have this weird obsession…

Move over Miley Cyrus, your twerking and enthusiastic support of camel toe evening wear doesn’t quite cut it in the world of weird. You might think you’ve cornered the bizarro market by donning nipple pasties and allowing a cowboy-monkey to ride you… but, ok, well, maybe I can’t top that. I do have this thing though. It’s […]

In defence of THAT post-baby sexy selfie…

Before I gave birth to first child I swore to myself that no matter what followed, I’d never lose myself. My me-ness. I’d spent 24 growing into a version of myself I was happy with. I was a wife, a lover, a friend, a journalist, a snowboarder and a bookworm (among many other things). I […]

Talking about miscarriage

When I think of my miscarriage 19 moths ago, I think of how lucky I was. Lucky isn’t necessarily the right word to use when you’re bleeding, disappointed and upset about “what was to be”, but it was what I felt nonetheless. It could’ve been worse. It could’ve been my first baby, my first experience […]

Pregnant ladies, you’ve been put on notice.

Wake up! For-the-love-of-God WAKE UP! *Insert vigorous shoulder-shaking here* Sorry for the outburst of violence pregnant ladies, but it’s for your own good. You see, apparently some of you first-time mums-to-be are wandering this earth, zombie-like, in a haze of sunshine, lollipops and teeny weeny shoes that look oh so cwuuuu-te! You’re all dosed-up on […]