Sexual assault and why the culture of disbelief must end

A man cannot be a paedophile when he has a partner his own age. I like to think this statement is a true as “kale smoothies taste extra good when you add chia seeds and turmeric” or “Ryan Gosling is an ugly, bigoted jerk”. And yet that was the sentiment of my high school principal […]

Rape culture, domestic violence, slut shaming: these women are fighting back in a powerful way.

  You are not owed my body. Sexuality is a spectrum. Rape is not a blessing in disguise. Feminine ≠ dumb. Sexual ≠ slut. Strong ≠ bitch.   The messages are as raw as the bare flesh they’re written on. They speak of strength, hope and courage – of a world where women’s rights are being sabotaged and […]

I will buy my girls whatever the f*** I want and I won’t feel like an arsehole about it, alriiiight?

So, in the latest edition of How-You’re-Going-to-Fuck-Up-Your-Kids Weekly it seems gender-neutral toys are all the rage. Thanks to that momentarily awesome (now reviled)  GoldieBlox marketing video I’ve been reading article, after article, after article about gender-neutral toys. They’ve become a thing. Much like lotus births. Or premastication. Or paleo baby foods. And I get it, I honestly […]

Why I’ll never forgive myself for slut-shaming someone I love

*WARNING: This post deals with sexual assault/rape and may be upsetting to survivors of abuse* I try to live my life as a good person: a good wife; a good mother; a good sister; a good daughter; a good friend. Sometimes – even on the days when I’m cranky, bone-tired or stressed – I try […]

While we’re dishing out high-fives, vagina-style….

Staying true to the topic of the day, let’s enjoy this YouTube clip feminist parody of Robin Thicke’s hit Blurred Lines. The viral hit, created by a group of Auckland law students, reverses the gender stereotypes in Thicke’s popular clip by depicting nearly naked men in varying states of female domination. “Boy you’d better quit all your sexist ways. So […]

Oh, so that’s a vulva.

I’m 27-year-old woman. I have two daughters. And I’ve just seen my very first vulva. Actually, thanks to Honi Soit (the University of Sydney student newspaper), I’ve seen 18 of them.  Eighteen magnificent vulvae in their full-frontal glory. Some are bare, others are rockin’ wicked fros worthy of an European birthing video*. All are beautiful, and […]