Sexual assault and why the culture of disbelief must end

A man cannot be a paedophile when he has a partner his own age. I like to think this statement is a true as “kale smoothies taste extra good when you add chia seeds and turmeric” or “Ryan Gosling is an ugly, bigoted jerk”. And yet that was the sentiment of my high school principal […]

Guys don’t send you coded messages in song lyrics and other things I’d tell my teenage self….

Okay, so, I guess I didn’t know EVERYTHING as a teen (just most things, of course). And so as another birthday rolls around this week, I’ve been considering the advice I would’ve given to my teenage self:   – A strip of hot-pink lycra across your chest DOES NOT constitute clothing. Especially when it’s paired […]

Random Aldi woman, you killed my faith in humanity.

Sometimes, I really despise people. They can be such petty jerks. Real A-holes. Not everyone, just the type who don’t make this world a better place, who make your soul a little sadder for having encountered them. Random Aldi woman, you are akin to the types who drown puppies in hessian bags. Your show of […]

The sexist return-to-work comment I wasn’t expecting…

Um, the 1950s called and they want their sexist bullshit attitudes back, people. I dunno whether we’re going to file this one under “collective brain snap” or “well-intentioned idiocy” but you’ve got to wonder just what exactly society has been up to for the past, you know, 60 years when such stereotypically gendered questions prevail. […]

Happy New Year! I declare 2014 the year of not giving a f***

I don’t give a fuck! Like it? It’s my mantra for 2014. I no longer care about what people think of me. I’m sick of being a people-pleaser. I’ve spent too much time agonising about whether I’m doing, saying – even wearing – the right thing. Seriously. Do I look like a mum-come-tryhard in my […]