An open letter to friends who are dealing with infertility, miscarriage and other related shittiness

Karma can be a feckless, half-wit c*** sometimes. Not the righteous entity that scrapes the car of the arsehole who stole your parking space, nor the bringer of good fortune to those who have given selflessly, time and time again. Sometimes it’s just a jerk in a bar, calling you an ugly slut for ignoring […]

The Overshare: My vagina is great – thanks for asking!

For something that has lips, vaginas don’t say an awful much. They’re sort of like camels (without the spitting – or the funky stench). Pink camels…who occasionally suffer from alopecia. They don’t have a voice but, you know, they’re kinda important. And they generally matter to us lady-folk, yeah? So why aren’t we talking about […]

Suffering from a bad case of beige vag? My New Pink Button is here to save the day! And if that doesn’t do it, the reviews surely will.

Does your vagina look like a packed kebab? Does it share the same lifeless, beige hue as your nanna’s dusty curtains? Well, look no further! My New Pink Button (sold at has just the solution. Reinvigorate your lacklustre labia with a dye! You have  the choice of four colours: Ginger, Marilyn, Bettie or Audrey (because […]

Why I’ll never forgive myself for slut-shaming someone I love

*WARNING: This post deals with sexual assault/rape and may be upsetting to survivors of abuse* I try to live my life as a good person: a good wife; a good mother; a good sister; a good daughter; a good friend. Sometimes – even on the days when I’m cranky, bone-tired or stressed – I try […]

Would you love breastfeeding if it was like THIS?

Strapped in, hands-free? Check. Toast and tea? Yep. Toddler settled into three-course breakfast, complete with emergency fruits and beverages? Uh huh. Warm bottle, screaming baby, remote, tablet, ridiculously huge water bottle and (breathe out) a skerrick of sanity? Yeah… Then let the moo begin! Moo… moo… moo… This was me, every morning. For almost six […]

Talking about miscarriage

When I think of my miscarriage 19 moths ago, I think of how lucky I was. Lucky isn’t necessarily the right word to use when you’re bleeding, disappointed and upset about “what was to be”, but it was what I felt nonetheless. It could’ve been worse. It could’ve been my first baby, my first experience […]

Pregnant ladies, you’ve been put on notice.

Wake up! For-the-love-of-God WAKE UP! *Insert vigorous shoulder-shaking here* Sorry for the outburst of violence pregnant ladies, but it’s for your own good. You see, apparently some of you first-time mums-to-be are wandering this earth, zombie-like, in a haze of sunshine, lollipops and teeny weeny shoes that look oh so cwuuuu-te! You’re all dosed-up on […]

While we’re dishing out high-fives, vagina-style….

Staying true to the topic of the day, let’s enjoy this YouTube clip feminist parody of Robin Thicke’s hit Blurred Lines. The viral hit, created by a group of Auckland law students, reverses the gender stereotypes in Thicke’s popular clip by depicting nearly naked men in varying states of female domination. “Boy you’d better quit all your sexist ways. So […]

More penises? No thanks.

If vaginas could high-five, it’s fair to say mine would’ve been in a slapping frenzy since the Honi Soit (the University of Sydney student newspaper) published 18 vulvae on it’s cover two weeks ago. It seems vulvae far and wide – bare, prickly, dangly, tucked and bushy – have been shouting a muffled “Thanks!” to the Honi […]

Oh, so that’s a vulva.

I’m 27-year-old woman. I have two daughters. And I’ve just seen my very first vulva. Actually, thanks to Honi Soit (the University of Sydney student newspaper), I’ve seen 18 of them.  Eighteen magnificent vulvae in their full-frontal glory. Some are bare, others are rockin’ wicked fros worthy of an European birthing video*. All are beautiful, and […]