So I became the type of mum who talks about poo…

SHIT! Literally. Somehow, I became one of those mums who talks about it. Sure, we’ve all seen it, accidentally got it on our hands, wiped it off God knows how many surfaces… but talking about it? With other adults? Really? I can assure you I’m no stranger to parental insanity – mostly of the sleep-deprived, put-the-kettle-in-the-cupboard […]

An open letter to friends who are dealing with infertility, miscarriage and other related shittiness

Karma can be a feckless, half-wit c*** sometimes. Not the righteous entity that scrapes the car of the arsehole who stole your parking space, nor the bringer of good fortune to those who have given selflessly, time and time again. Sometimes it’s just a jerk in a bar, calling you an ugly slut for ignoring […]

Are you guilty of mummyjacking?

Yes! There’s finally a correct term for a particularly annoying form of parenting douchebaggery that has been clogging our social media (and driving me bananas) for some time now… Mummyjacking or Mommyjacking, as coined by the hilarious folks at STFU, Parents (that’s Shut The F*** Up, Parents, for all those wondering), is the art of hijacking […]